Tourism in Romania should focus on German and Austrian senior citizens, says tourism representative

The summer vacation season in Romania can only be extended with the help of foreign tourists, especially senior citizens from Germany and Austria, who come all year round, unlike Romanians, who prefer July and August, explain Dragos Anastasiuvice-president of the Alliance for Tourism (APT), an organization bringing together associations involved in tourism.

“Tourists ask ‘what experiences can I have in Romania?’ You can invent all sorts of stories and packages – stay two days in Bucharest, then four or five in the Danube Delta, Transylvania or Bukovina. People come for this kind of mix,” Anastasiu said in an interview for PrimaTV, as quoted by G4Media.

Representing tour operators, hotel owners, industry workers and even tourist guide associations, Anastasiu says tourism in remote areas can be one of Romania’s biggest attractions. “Ecotourism, agrotourism, cultural tourism, all this area of ​​slow [tourism]. Care must be taken not to spoil it because we tend, including in the Danube Delta, to pour concrete everywhere, he added.

Anastasiu also believes that limiting Romania’s holiday season to the summer months makes it too short, driving up prices and making experienced staff hard to find.

“You can’t have people work for three months and pay them for a year. You can not. We must therefore constantly hire new ones. The staff is the biggest problem,” he says. To give tourism workers job security, higher wages and more time to gain experience, Anastasiu thinks Romania needs a longer holiday season.

This can only be done, he says, with foreign tourists from Germany, Austria or Switzerland, who are not deterred by cold or bad weather. “Romanians only go in July and August when the weather is nice outside and the children are on vacation,” according to Anastasiu.

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