The multiple advantages of car clubs as a must for business trips


May 06, 2022

Ensuring employee mobility has never been more complex.

On the demand side, companies face an ever-changing array of travel demands from a hybrid workforce eager to travel for business.

At the same time, companies are planning their net zero travel strategy and realizing how little they know about the current and future travel needs of their employees.

Supply faces near unprecedented demand at a time when global vehicle supply continues to be tight.

We see this as a time when necessity can become the mother of invention, as long as there is an opening to explore with new mobility approaches and potentially full modal shift.

A good example is registering employees with a car club, as street vehicles are often an effective solution for a fleet in addition to daily rental.

Situating cars in optimal locations on streets and in parking lots means that auto club vehicles provide an efficient option for many business trips, whether the employee is picking up the vehicle from a bay near their home or workplace. work.

The immediate benefits to the business are reduced delivery and collection costs and rental time, as vehicles can be picked up 24/7, all year round and do not require opening from a rental branch. This gives enormous flexibility to the workforce who continue to work from home.

When auto clubs are a travel policy option, employees can pick up a vehicle at many locations across the country, including many major train stations. A business trip by train combined with an automobile club vehicle for the last few miles becomes even more feasible.

Ideally, companies will be able to combine car club with daily hire and “default” some employees to a local street vehicle when this is the closest, most convenient and most sustainable option according to their hierarchy and their travel policy.

If an electric vehicle is available nearby, the added benefits increase employee exposure to this new technology and help companies transition to ICE engines.

Car clubs are especially useful for last-minute rentals, after-hours rentals, and remote or hybrid employees working from home. It’s also important that employees can book personal trips on an app outside of working hours by switching between the work subscription and the personal subscription.

Auto clubs add flexibility to the travel mix. In an increasingly complex world, it’s great when there’s a surprisingly simple way to solve business challenges.

Adrian Bewley is Assistant Vice President of Professional Mobility for Europe at Enterprise Rent-A-Car


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