“Fast Track” for American business leaders on the Chinese radar

China is considering upgrading its “fast lane” to allow US business executives to the country, Chinese President Xi Jinping reportedly told US President Joe Biden at the virtual leaders’ summit this week.

The case emerged among many topics discussed during the 3.5-hour video call between Xi and Biden, according to several U.S. media reports on the summit that cited Chinese authorities’ reports on the call. The two leaders covered a “wide range of topics,” including an in-depth discussion of politics in Taiwan, and trade and business made up a smaller part of the discussion, according to a transcript of a press briefing on the call issued by the White House. . The visa issue was not brought up in the discussion at all, a senior administration official said in the debriefing.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, China’s borders have remained largely closed to foreign visitors, but the country has put in place Fast Lane agreements to allow business travelers from certain countries, including Singapore and South Korea.

Biden’s meeting with Xi took place the same day he enacted a $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, the largest US investment in public works since the introduction of the highway system. interstate in 1956. The bill includes $ 25 billion invested in airports, $ 66 billion. investment in Amtrak and $ 110 billion for roads and bridges.

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