At the time of requesting a loan from the bank, the last decision will be from the financial institution, which must determine if your profile is reliable enough to grant you the money.

For this, they usually ask for some documents that allow them to justify their income, in addition to accessing the information available at risk centers such as Credit Data. So, if you are thinking about borrowing money and want to have a clearer idea of ​​what the result of your application will be, pay attention to this list:

Ideas for your application

1. Has been punctual in the payment of your previous loans
2. You are up to date on your credit card payments
3. You don’t usually spend more than 30% of your credit line
4. Has documents to support your income
5. You don’t have too many credit cards
6. You have no other current debts
7. Has an endorsement

Of course, it is not necessary that you comply with all the items on the list to access a free investment loan; On the contrary, this type of credit is one of the easiest to obtain, but if your profile is adequate, it will be much simpler and faster. Many banks mainly ensure that they have borrowing capacity and how to support their income, but the final evaluation will depend on the criteria of each bank.

Applying for the loan

On the other hand, something that could play against you is that, when applying for the loan, you have other current credits; in addition, that the purpose of your application is not clear, that you have never requested other credits, among others.

Finally, one of the steps that will be important in obtaining the loan you are looking for is the choice of the entity to which you will resort, since each grants different amounts, with different requirements and interest rates. Before choosing, it is recommended that you take at least the three most convenient options until you find the one that best suits your profile.

If you want to know how to do it, you can use the our free investment loan comparator.