Signs to know if you qualify for a loan

At the time of requesting a loan from the bank, the last decision will be from the financial institution, which must determine if your profile is reliable enough to grant you the money.

For this, they usually ask for some documents that allow them to justify their income, in addition to accessing the information available at risk centers such as Credit Data. So, if you are thinking about borrowing money and want to have a clearer idea of ​​what the result of your application will be, pay attention to this list:

Ideas for your application

1. Has been punctual in the payment of your previous loans
2. You are up to date on your credit card payments
3. You don’t usually spend more than 30% of your credit line
4. Has documents to support your income
5. You don’t have too many credit cards
6. You have no other current debts
7. Has an endorsement

Of course, it is not necessary that you comply with all the items on the list to access a free investment loan; On the contrary, this type of credit is one of the easiest to obtain, but if your profile is adequate, it will be much simpler and faster. Many banks mainly ensure that they have borrowing capacity and how to support their income, but the final evaluation will depend on the criteria of each bank.

Applying for the loan

On the other hand, something that could play against you is that, when applying for the loan, you have other current credits; in addition, that the purpose of your application is not clear, that you have never requested other credits, among others.

Finally, one of the steps that will be important in obtaining the loan you are looking for is the choice of the entity to which you will resort, since each grants different amounts, with different requirements and interest rates. Before choosing, it is recommended that you take at least the three most convenient options until you find the one that best suits your profile.

If you want to know how to do it, you can use the our free investment loan comparator.

What Everyone Needs to Know About Online Loans

Currently in Brazil it is possible to get a loan online without having to submit many documents. This category of loans is very attractive, as the release is much faster than that of banks, and the list of requirements of conventional banks is longer.

But of course not everything is flowers and the ones before deciding to apply for a loan online one must consider some very important points. Want to know what these points are? Next we’ll talk about it.

Interest can be extremely high

Interest can be extremely high

Usually when a finance company decides to lend money to those who have a dirty name or other loans and financing, the company needs to have some security, so higher than conventional interest rates ensures that the company will not lose much if something happens. .

You can compare all rates and opt for the most convenient one. If this is your first time applying for a loan and if your name is not on SPC or SERASA you may be able to get more attractive terms.

Payment term is usually shorter

Payment term is usually shorter

Since approval is faster than normal, payment follows the same line of reasoning. Value and time factors go together, take into account your need and your ability to pay.

Not All Companies Are Trusted

Not All Companies Are Trusted

Many people are fooled in this search for loan. You can consult with the entity’s CNPJ, look up the company name on complaint websites, and should suspect any unusual requirements that may be requested. Don’t be fooled, keep an eye out.

Some financials hide the truth to convince you

Some financials hide the truth to convince you

Do you know those little letters in commercials? Well, sometimes some lenders show only the good part as a way to attract as many customers as possible, but that’s where the inattentive fall and end up paying dearly for not paying due attention. Review all options very carefully.

So when is the best time to apply for a loan online? When the need for money is an emergency, because money is released quickly. Do not apply for a loan if you are unemployed or have been dragging a debt for years. And do not forget, when deciding, choose the company that gives all the demonstrations that it is serious and reliable.


GPL (Annual Interest Rate) – Cash Loan

In a situation where a person has made a decision to use a loan to meet their needs, the conditions for borrowing and the costs that will necessarily have to be covered by an additional principal will always have to be carefully considered.

Use a loan

money cash

It is imperative that the borrower choose the appropriate amount of money required, as having more money can lead to repayment difficulties, and the bank or credit institution must state the purpose for which the money will be spent. Otherwise, the cash loan may not be granted. Consequently, when applying for a larger loan than necessary, the lender may refuse the request. In the case of large loans, it is also important to understand for what period of time it is best to take a loan to be able to repay it on time and without debt. However, one of the most important aspects that deserves special attention is the annual interest rate .

The annual percentage rate of charge (APRC) is the total cost of the credit to the borrower, calculated as an annual percentage of the total amount of credit granted to the consumer. The annual percentage rate of charge is calculated using a special formula that defines the present value of all existing or future liabilities between the borrower and the lender. This includes the cost of the particular amount of credit the person borrows, as well as the cost of paying off the loan and paying the interest. In addition to this amount, there are other services arising out of the credit agreement, such as commissions, costs associated with maintaining the account from which the credit is repaid, and crediting it. In addition, if the contract contains a clause on compulsory insurance, these costs are included in the annual percentage rate of charge. All annual interest rate costs are agreed in advance with the borrower and the lender.

When calculating the annual percentage rate of charge, several conditions are taken into account:

  • First, the amounts paid by both the borrower and the lender. They may, however, vary according to the time interval in which they are made, and simply vary over time over time.
  • Second, the starting date for the calculation of the interest rate is taken into account. The start date is the date on which the person’s account is credited with the first or the full amount of the credit. Although every four years there are more days in one year, respectively, 366 days, the annual interest rate calculations are expressed in years or fractions of the year, in which the year is assumed to be 365 days.
  • Likewise, the calculations are adjusted to one decimal place. If the lender fails to fulfill his obligations or does not comply with their obligations, the payments made by the borrower shall not be taken into account in calculating the annual percentage rate of charge.

The annual interest rate

The annual interest rate

When taking a cash loan, it is important to remember that the annual interest rate will be lower if the loan is taken for a longer period of time and if a large sum of money is taken. In addition, it is important to remember that it is important to consider the annual interest rate only if the loan has a maturity of at least one year. Therefore, it is usually calculated only for long-term loans such as mortgages.

The annual interest rate does not apply to short-term loans, especially if they are fast loans with a one-month repayment period in most cases. If the annual interest rate were also calculated for short-term loans, the result of the formula could give the borrower misleading results. As an example, you might want to take a small cash loan for 1 week. In such a situation, if the amount of money calculated using the annual percentage rate of charge were to be calculated, the lender would name the costs that would be borne if the person were to take the amount of money for a year.

This does not tell the customer what amount of money, plus interest, is due after one week. However, it is a statutory requirement that such information on the annual percentage rate of charge also applies to short-term loans. Although it is possible to compare both quick loans and other short-term loans without an annual interest rate, it can also be used to evaluate these loans.

In order to attract new customers to your lending company, you are often offered the first loan at an annual interest rate of 0%, or so-called interest-free loans. True, these offers are mostly used for short-term loans. It is also important to be aware that if the lender refuses to name the annual interest rate, then it is likely that you will have to look for someone else who can meet the client’s interests and provide all the information needed to cover all the costs involved. borrowing and repayment.

Know if you are an ideal candidate to get a loan credit

Credit options

Credit options

In the search for a credit there are different elements that must be taken into account and one of them is to make sure that the credit you are going to request is really adequate for your profile. Among the different options are liberty credits. Basically, it authorizes the company in which it works so that the bank debits the amount destined to the monthly payment to go canceling the debt.

For many, this is the ideal credit because it has more comfortable interest rates, since the risk of default is minimal. But will it be the ideal credit for you? Take note of some points to consider to know if you are a good candidate to obtain it:

Sign of a good candidate

Sign of a good candidate

1. First of all, you need to have stable income and in a company that has a certain track record and track record. The mechanics of credit demand it, since it is essential that your salary be deposited in a bank.

2. If you are a pensioner, you can also access one of these credits, because the mechanics will be the same: you will authorize the entity that carries your pension for the bank to debit the corresponding fee.

3. Another point to consider is that, if you do not have a co-debtor, you can also access this credit, as it is not one of the requirements, unlike others. This means that the requirements to access this financing are lower.

4. Now, if you are already committed to other loans, it is best not to request one of this type because there will be no place to choose which debts to pay and which not, as the bank will make the debit in a timely manner.

5. If you are not sure of having job stability for at least the next few months, it would not be advisable to request it, because of losing your job, the interest rate could increase. One way to combat this is if, when applying for the loan, ask that unemployment insurance be included, something that many banks offer.

Remember that there are many options, even within the liberty credits, but if you are not the ideal candidate, you can also opt for a free investment loan, which has minimum requirements and allows you to finance what you want.

This way you can quickly and easily apply for your mortgage loan!

Congrats! Owning one’s own home is a milestone in everyone’s life. You have completed your studies, you have a new job, you want to stand on your own two feet and no longer live with your parents, you no longer want to rent. Whatever the reason, the interest on housing loans is so low that it is time to apply for a loan. A mortgage loan is usually about a lot of money. And that must of course be repaid, with interest. Today, however, the interest on homes is very low, and with a little searching on the internet you notice how many different banks and other credit companies there are that offer home loan. And there are quite a few differences between all those providers when it comes to redemption.

Credit redemption

Credit redemption

You may be a bit scared when you see the amounts involved in buying or repairing a property. But you don’t have to. Entering into a home loan is very common and is spread over many years, up to 20 or 30 years. Thanks to the low interest rate on mortgage loans, it is now a good move to invest in a property. The interest on loans is unprecedentedly low; he real estate market is doing great at the moment and say: how much interest do you receive by putting all your money on your savings account? In our modern world today it is easier than ever to calculate, compare and take out a home loan. And all from your favorite comfortable chair, so nice.

Best loans

Best loans

With an internet connection and a computer you can quickly see who offers the best loans for your wallet. The key factor here is that you have to compare the Annual Cost Percentages (APR) of the providers. That percentage indicates precisely what you will pay per annum on top of that loan in terms of interest and costs. All in one. No more hidden costs that you will find out later. The Belgian government obliges every credit provider to clearly state this on the website. Almost all providers do have a simulator with which you can see for free how much you can borrow and what your monthly payment is. The longer the payment term, the lower your monthly payment. The lower the APR, the cheaper your loan is.

It will surprise you how much more you can borrow than you think. First make an overview of what you earn and spend per month. You can also involve your partner in this. You then add up both amounts, both for income and expenditure, and then look at what is left. You could therefore pay off that amount as a homeowner with a home loan. We have listed the cheapest mortgage loans for you. This way you can quickly see who offers the best housing loan and calculate on the website what a loan will cost you every month. We can’t make it any easier for you.